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Fire Inspector jobs in Taiwan

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Fab16 Ehss Manager Job

Taichung City

06 Dec 2016
appropriate training based on city-state, and/or federal agency requirements 10. To prevent fire, rescue and emergency respond in... order to protect Fab-16 safety and ensure Fab-16 assets. 11. To check and maintain fire-fighting equipment, make sure...

Guanyin, Taoyuan City

03 Dec 2016
工作說明: 1. Responsible for understanding and familiar with assigned inspection skills to ensure that all works are performed in accordance with specifications and regulations. 2. Responsible for conducting authorized daily inspection works...
Facility Assistant Manager - Performance Materials, Hsinchu Site
Merck Group

Hsinchu City

08 Dec 2016
: Overall experiences in elctrical system, air conditioning, UPW and chemical supply and fire fighting system maintenance...
Asstchief Engineer I
02 Dec 2016
required. Maintains accurate logs and records as required. Operates generators and fire pumps as necessary. Provides emergency...
Concierge (台北文華苑)
01 Dec 2016
of and adhere to the hotel's policy relating to fire, hygiene health and safety To maintain a high standard of personal appearance...
Product Line Manager-telecom Security Products
11 Nov 2016
-Cycle management Profile Telecom security products experiences (UTM, Fire wall) Minimum of 3 years experiences...
Concierge (台北文華苑) | Taipei
13 Oct 2016
, and all other departments. To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the hotel's policy relating to fire, hygiene health and safety...
Restaurant Hostess | Taipei
13 Oct 2016
etc. Demonstrates a working knowledge of fire prevention and ensures colleagues follow evacuation procedures on hearing the alarm...
Clu Electrician
American International Contractors, Inc.

Taipei City

17 Sep 2016
, fire alarm, TSS, etc. Terminate panels in accordance with the NEC Check the rotation of all three phase equipment...
Safety Management Control (erc) Engineer Job


06 Dec 2016
. Fire prevention, entrance access control and CCTV system maintenance. 4. Abnormal incident & emergency response. 5. ERT... / confirming in the first time when abnormal events occurs. 2. Perform inspection and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, keep...

Jhubei, Hsinchu County

29 Nov 2016
合企業需求。 5.維護公司網路和資料,並進行備份工作,及防毒。 6.負責Fire Wall、IDS及防毒軟體等資安系統管理防止公司機密外洩以及員工不當使用電腦。 7.具鼎新ERP及EASYFOLW等相關系統管理/操作/報表基本概念(有相...

Jiading, Kaohsiung City

25 Nov 2016
系統運作的維護及緊急狀況的解除 5.企業內部系統規劃與開發MIS系統的功能,以符合企業需求 6.維護公司網路和資料,並進行備份工作,及防毒 7.配合資訊作業需要,至各單位處理連線相關作業及問題排除 8.擔任各項資訊系統整合與維護、及測試工作 9.負責Fire...
1400 - 1700 per day 19 Nov 2016
--> 安隆消防工程有限公司 ‧行業別: 營建土木/ 建築/土木 ‧電 話: 04-24732072 ‧地 址: 台中市南屯區東興路2段34巷8號1樓 安隆消防工程有限公司(amlong fire control...
18 Nov 2016
--> 安隆消防工程有限公司 ‧行業別: 營建土木/ 建築/土木 ‧電 話: 04-24732072 ‧地 址: 台中市南屯區東興路2段34巷8號1樓 安隆消防工程有限公司(amlong fire control...

Jhongjheng, Taipei City

30000 - 38000 per month 16 Nov 2016
行備份工作,及防毒。 9.擔任各項資訊系統整合與維護、及測試工作。 10.負責Fire Wall、IDS及防毒軟體等資安系統管理防止公司機密外洩以及員工不當使用電腦。 11.其他各類主管交辦事項。 工作地點: 台北市中正區 忠孝西路一段4號...

Shengang, Taichung City

12 Nov 2016
工作說明: 1.負責Fire Wall、IDS及防毒軟體等資安系統管理防止公司機密外洩以及員工不當使用電腦 2.擔任各項資訊系統整合與維護、及測試工作 3.配合資訊作業需要,至各單位處理連線相關作業及問題排除 4.維護...

Shulin, New Taipei City

09 Nov 2016
單位處理連線相關作業及問題排除 9.擔任各項資訊系統整合與維護、及測試工作 10.內部網站系統改進與導入 11.負責Fire Wall、IDS及防毒軟體等資安系統管理防止公司機密外洩以及員工不當使用電腦 12.熟悉ERP鼎新系統WORK FLOW GP.2.5.1...

Gueishan, Taoyuan City

27 Aug 2016
.負責Fire Wall、IDS及防毒軟體等資安系統管理防止公司機密外洩以及員工不當使用電腦 6.內部網站系統改進與導入 工作地點: 桃園市龜山區 南美村南上路493巷3號 工作時間: 日班 休假制度: 週休...
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